Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quick before Youtube censors it

From: Ryan Dawson (

I titled WBD "Magic Bunnies" and it is on a brand new youtube name. This way it might stay up long enough to watch before the ADL sweeps in and censors it.

to view vids, go here:
copy n paste.

Clearly we went to war for Israel and the US maintains its policy of wasting hundreds of Billions of dollars for the sake of Israel's interest and the overlapping financial interest of the profiteers in the pentagon and their corporate wish list.

Step 1 Boycott Israel. Don't just google boycott Israel either because the first sites that come up are not accurate they tend to just go after companies with Jewish owners or CEOs some of which are pro-Israel but many of which are not. For a more accurate list see Israel's own ministry of trade. Most of the companies are not things that any typical consumer could buy anyway like a Catapillar bulldozer. You also need to not buy from Cristian extremist groups either. However here are a few companies you do have access to who you can stop buying from. 1 Victoria Secret. 2 Any mall Kiosk with Israeli X-military working in it such as dead sea scrolls soaps etc, 3 Amway don't buy from these kooks.

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